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Debt help

If a consumer feels trapped by credit card debt, these consumer credit consolidation offers can help consumers in becoming debt free. Did you also know if you make minimum payments on $10,000 at 18% interest, it could take 25 years to pay off? We urge consumers to open up a statement, and compare the minimum payment due with the actual finance charges and fees.

When thinking of credit card debt relief, think of this as getting on new terms. Debt Management is not factored into your credit score. To compare the most common debt relief options, visit the Debt Relief Options page for a complete brake down.

Seeking debt help?

American Debt Solutions provides debt help through a contracted network of credit card consolidation, debt settlement and several other debt help options. Whether a consumer has credit card debt, department cards, unsecured loans, collection or wants a medical bill consolidation our debt educators are trained to analyze the consumers unique situation and propose the best option.

Whether looking for Debt Consolidation, Debt Management or Debt Settlement our company can assist in your transfer to a leading debt relief agency. We do not charge for this service.

Consolidate debt through credit counseling:
One monthly payment.
Reduce monthly payment amounts.
Reduce time frame by a fraction.
Reduce interest rates and fees.
Become debt free in 2 to 4 years.
Debt Settlement Advantages:
One monthly payment.
Dramatically reduce payment amounts.
Stop harassing phone calls.
Reduce debt by up to 60%.
Save thousands upon thousands.

American Debt Solutions: Finding credit card help

An excellent way for consumers to find credit card debt help is through the debt relief programs that have been created and accepted by the creditors. The debt management program, is an excellent way for consumers to consolidate debt. American Debt Solutions will often refer your file to a company that can provide online help with credit card debt, free of charge. The companies that administer these debt relief programs will often assist in having the minimum payments or interest rates reduced which will work wonders when trying to become debt free. When trying to find various ways on how to get out of debt online, the debt management program tops the list of consumers looking to reduce minimum payments and high interest rates.


Consumer Credit Counseling Services

Another popular program to finding debt relief, is through a consumer credit counseling service program. This type of program works by having a debt management company contact your creditors in an effort to try and have the interest rates and minimum payments reduced. When it comes to debt relief, the consumer credit counseling service is by far the most popular choice by consumers seeking debt relief. Unlike programs like debt settlement or bankruptcy which may harm your credit score, credit counseling will not harm your credit when trying to pay off debt.

Credit counseling was created with the intentions on helping consumers consolidate debt without having to resort to loans. Unlike loans that would usually require a consumer to use physical property to secure them, the credit counseling services require no form of collateral. When trying to opt for a program that doesnt descriminate against home ownership or your credit rating, credit counseling services are by far the ideal program for debt relief.


Debt Help

With the new laws that passed, consumers are now provided with a payoff duration on the actual credit card debt statements. The debt management program will help with existing credit card debt. At American Debt Solutions, we understand how credit card debt can seem like a never ending black hole. Thankfully, our debt help experts are ready to assist you when you decide to look to a debt management plan, credit counseling is a unique program designed by your creditors. When doing consumer credit consolidation, the interest rate along the minimum payments will be reduced. Non profit debt consolidation, is not factored into the consumers credit score. The debt management credit counseling offers provide a great deal of benefits, give us a minute to break down these debt help programs.

When paying your own credit card payments, if you're not paying at least twice the minimum payment, these payments are pointless. When looking for a debt consolidation program, its very much like doing it on your own, but you have authorized servicing professionals doing it for you. Unlike debt settlement, the credit card consolidation service can assist you with the entire balance. If you want a comparison of debt consolidation vs debt settlement, our educators may be able to point you in the right direction.

Debt Settlement

A debt settlement program is designed for consumers who have credit card, collection or other delinquent debts, that cannot afford the high minimum payments that are typically required. Debt settlement is designed to help cut up to 60% off the actual balance. This allows the consumers to start over without filing bankruptcy. American Debt Solutions can assist you with a debt settlement solution with an authorized service provider, ranging from one to four years. Those whom are current with active credit card debt or seriously delinquent, qualify for debt settlement. One solution we do not recommend, is ignoring the debt as it will not go away. Lawsuits and legal action is almost inevitable. Debt settlement is a great bankruptcy alternative. An excellent alternative to debt settlement though would be a credit card debt consolidation program.

The word bankruptcy alone, would bring a cold chill down any lenders spine. With programs like debt consolidation and debt settlement, bankruptcy should never be an option. With the bankruptcy laws past October 17th, filing would require that you seek a debt help program before you pursued bankruptcy. If your looking to start over, pursue debt settlement. Debt settlement allows you to become debt free in half the time. Of all bankruptcy alternative solutions out there, debt settlement would yield the lowest minimum payment.

Before you even contemplate bankruptcy, consider debt settlement or a similar debt help program. Remember the key differences between debt consolidation an debt settlement; debt consolidation works to pay your entire balance whereas debt settlement works to reduce the overall balance. More information on these topics can be found on the debt options link.

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